About Us

Enso Team Realty

After over two decades in Canada, our family made the bold decision to embark on a new chapter by moving from Toronto to Spain. It was a transformative journey that led us to explore new horizons, change our lifestyles, and rediscover a deeper sense of community. Recognizing the profound impact of our own journey, we felt compelled to share our experiences and knowledge with others. With our combined expertise in real estate, investing, construction, and design, EnsoTeam was born—a reflection of our commitment to guide and support others through their own transformative experiences and the pursuit of a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

At Enso Team Realty, our purpose is to redefine the real estate experience by championing a 'life-first' approach to property investment. We believe in curating spaces that don't just offer potential for financial returns, but also enrich, inspire, and empower lives. Our mission is to spark a new era in real estate, where properties are not only seen as sound investments, but as gateways to a bespoke lifestyle that seamlessly integrates with the vibrant European culture and fosters a genuine sense of fulfillment and harmony.

Excellence in Real Estate with a Family Touch, we redefine the essence of high-end real estate services. We operate with the ethos of a 'Family Office,' prioritizing personalized investment strategies, stringent confidentiality, and a comprehensive service package that caters to every aspect of your relocation and investment journey in Spain.

Expertise Tailored to Your Unique Needs Our skilled team, boasting years of experience in catering to VIP clients, possesses an in-depth understanding of the Costa del Sol's real estate market. This expertise ensures that every investment aligns seamlessly with your aspirations and lifestyle requirements.

Specialization in Residency through Investment Specializing in assisting clients aiming for Spanish residency through real estate investments, we understand the nuances and requirements of this process. Our approach is more than just finding you a property; it's about crafting a pathway to your new life in Spain.

Comprehensive Support for a Smooth Transition Our commitment extends beyond property transactions. We assist in navigating the complexities of legal documentation, ensuring a smooth process in obtaining residency permits. Recognizing the challenges of relocation, we offer additional support services, including enrolling children in top international schools and aiding in various adaptation aspects.

Enso Team Realty: Where Dreams Meet Reality At Enso Team Realty, we don't just facilitate property purchases; we lay the foundation for new beginnings. Let our family help yours in making the transition to Spain not just a dream, but a beautifully realized reality. Experience the tranquility, luxury, and vibrant culture of Costa del Sol with a team that understands your needs and values your trust.